Services of General Medicine

Services of General Medicine

Our Services of Generla Medicine include:

  • Geriatrics
  • Adult Physicals
  • Management of Acute & Chronic Illness
  • Review Physical schoolchildren and workers
  • Emergency services for our patients


Geriatrics is a branch of internal medicine who specializes in health care for the elderly. It’s our fundamental premise promote health and prevent and treat diseases and disabilities in older adults. Prevalent health problems in the elderly include elderly care, delirium, prevention of complications due to his age and the use of several drugs, vision problems, hearing loss, incontinence, gait instability, immobility and impaired intelligence or memory. Visit us to provide all the information you need and also know the quality of comprehensive medical care offered by our specialists.

Adult Physicals  

A physical exam for adults is based on manual techniques procedure; a health care provider investigates the body of a patient to detect the current state of biopsychosocial health of an individual. A physical examination usually follows the making of history health. Overall, the clinical history and physical examination aids in establishing a correct diagnosis and plan of treatment. Physical examination includes a general physical exam given by the measurement of vital signs and systemic physical examination, which includes individual study organic devices or systems.

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